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A Complete List of Products to Add to Your Stash Bag

Jan 17

Every cannabis enthusiast requires a stash bag as a basic element. Store all of your cannabis paraphernalia and accessories in a single location so you can readily access them when necessary. However, what distinguishes a cannabis stash bag from other types of stash bags? In this blog post, we'll discuss what you need to have an excellent stash bag.

The Bag

There is no stash bag design that is appropriate for everyone. It depends on your demands, lifestyle, and cannabis consumption preferences. A bag that can fit every smoking-related accessory imaginable but that you don't want to carry around, will not be particularly useful.

Consequently, a number of criteria must be considered. Which marijuana-related accessories will you bring? What size storage bag are you willing to carry? The answers to the preceding questions will ease your search for the most suitable stash bag for your needs.

Numerous individuals carry pot and cannabis accessories in bags intended particularly for this purpose. Many of these bags are also resistant to odors. Although they are desirable, odor-proof bags are not mandatory. To travel with odorous products, you can select a smaller, odor-proof container that fits within your luggage.

You have an option, but keep in mind that the efficiency of your stash bag is contingent on the size and material of the bag you choose. And this will surely have an effect on the number of the following accessories you can bring.

Smoking Equipment

Choosing which ones to add will rely primarily on your preferred consumption techniques. If you're the type of marijuana user that likes to be prepared for anything, your stash bag might be a rolling suitcase, and you only need one of each item.


The pipe has been the main means of delivering marijuana for many years. Even if you like to smoke joints or out of a bong, it is prudent to keep a pipe available in case your preferred smoking device breaks or you need to smoke cannabis fast.

Metal pipes are ideal for use as cache bags. They are both strong and compact enough to fit in your bag without taking up too much room. Many even include covers, allowing you to conceal a nug and be ready to smoke at any moment.

Cigarette Papers

The joint, often known as a marijuana cigarette, is another option for smokers. If you want to smoke doob, you'll need to have rolling papers on hand unless you're prepared with pre-rolls. Joints are great for discreetly smoking marijuana on the road.

Rolling sheets are straightforward and take very minimal space in any type of concealment pouch. They often come in small packs, allowing you to easily fit a few in the bottom of your cannabis container and have them ready to roll whenever the mood hits. Rolling papers are the smoking accessory most likely to be found in most stash bags since they are so portable and you never know when you might need them.

If you have not already learned how to roll a joint, you should. You never know when the opportunity will present itself, so being able to quickly roll a cigarette can save you from finding yourself in an awkward situation when your only smoking option is what's in your suitcase.


Based on how much marijuana you like to consume, it may be worthwhile to keep a high-quality piece of glass in your backpack for when the opportunity occurs and nothing else is immediately accessible. Bong Most bongs are too huge to fit in a stash bag.

Invest in a trendy travel case if you're interested in this. Even a simple padded bag with room for your bong and accessories is preferable to nothing.

Dab Rig

A dab setup is large and not something you would typically carry with you, even in a stash bag, in comparison to a bong. However, it may be essential to have a portable smoking device if this is your preferred method of consuming marijuana concentrates.

Some dab rigs are portable and simple enough to fit into a stash bag. You should conduct research to ensure that the smoking accessories you choose will easily fit within a tiny container and won't take up too much room.

Several larger stash bags designed specifically for transporting dab rigs or bongs are available if having one on hand is essential. If you operate in such a manner, that may be the optimal course of action.

Accessories to Help Complete the Job

If you want your stash bag to be a useful piece of carry-on luggage, you'll need to include a few more necessities in addition to smoking accessories. Now we'll examine a few of them:


Marijuana consumers who wish to have access to cannabis whenever they need it must have a grinder. Numerous individuals use a grinder regularly throughout the day, making it easy to keep one on hand.

Ideal would be to place a small herb grinder in the bottom of your stash bag along with some marijuana that is ready to be smoked on demand. Because they are often no more than two inches in height or width, they can easily fit within smaller bags.

If you prefer to ground your components before smoking, carrying a herb grinder in your stash bag could be beneficial. The amount of space necessary will depend on whether you want to use a manual or electric grinder.

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray simplifies the process of rolling doobs, although not being required. Some rolling trays have a compartment for storing marijuana to make it easier to assemble the necessary materials before commencing the rolling procedure.

A stash bag is a wonderful idea because to its portability and small size, but if there is room in it, a tray will make your life much more convenient.


Always keep at least one lighter on hand in case of an emergency. You will likely need a torch that can light more than just cigarette-sized joints, so a double-sided or triple-flame torch is your best bet for getting the job done quickly.

When it comes to lighters' quality and longevity, you get what you pay for, so be sure to get one that will last a while.

Odor-Resistant Container

Regardless of whether your stash bag is completely odor-proof, you must conceal the stench of the sticky-icky.

If you plan to bring marijuana with you, you should probably utilize an odor-proof container. As a result, we adore Stink Sacks. By storing one or two varieties of cannabis, these bags remove the need for big containers. Instead of these bags, your mother used the small plastic baggies to store food in the freezer. They come in a variety of sizes, hues, and styles. In addition, the bags are odor-proof, so when they are taken outside, the aroma of marijuana remains contained.

Marijuana Accessories for Post-Smoke Use

After dining, you may wish to keep a few items in your backpack for convenience.

Doob Tube

They mimic the little plastic tubes from a child's chemistry set and are ideal for holding a pre-roll or an unsmoked joint. These connections, which are more commonly referred to as "tubes" but are also known as "doob tubes," are great for storing odorous goods that you don't want to permeate the entire room. They are available in a variety of sizes and may hold papers if you wish to carry pre-rolled joints at all times.


Leave Cottonmouth on his own! or almost. You should consider using chapstick to prevent cottonmouth if you haven't already. Some marijuana smokers report that applying chapstick will prevent their lips from becoming dry and cracked after smoking, which would otherwise occur due to the dehydrating effects of THC.

Container of Water

Obviously, water is another cottonmouth deterrent. In addition to preventing cottonmouth, keeping a bottle of water nearby can help you stay hydrated if/when smoking becomes more intense than expected.


Consume some snacks to stave off hunger. Whether you choose to resist your desires or give in to them may depend on whether you have access to almonds, granola bars, or other little snacks.

When there are not many health risks linked with marijuana use per se, consuming excessive amounts of junk food while high can be damaging to your health.

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