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Alcohol and Edible weed: Is It Bad to Combine the Two?

Jan 17

People often have questions about using cannabis. One of the most often asked questions is if it is safe to mix alcohol and edibles. It depends, is the response.

In general, "crossfading" cannabis edibles and alcohol won't be harmful to your health. Two of the numerous factors that could be in play, as with most things in life, are the sequence in which you utilize them and how you consume them. If you're not cautious, alcohol and marijuana might make you feel sick to your stomach or even make you throw up when you're trying to have fun. Remember that everyone responds to alcohol and marijuana differently. In a group setting, one person's reaction could be completely different from your own.

Cannabis and Alcohol: A Scientific Study

The science behind the interaction of marijuana and alcohol is still up for debate. Recent studies suggest that THC and alcohol may combine to intensify one another's effects on the body and increase impairment, despite some evidence to the contrary.

According to a 2015 research that was published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, cannabis users who also consume alcohol have THC levels that are substantially higher than individuals who just use marijuana. According to the research, this "possibly explains increased performance impairment found from cannabis-alcohol combinations."

What Comes First Matters

Depending on how a person uses alcohol and marijuana, the outcomes could differ.

Alcohol Before Marijuana

Drinking prior to cannabis use might intensify its effects. This is due to the fact that alcohol facilitates THC absorption. This gives a considerably stronger high. This could be delightful to some individuals, but it might also cause others to have what is often referred to as a "green out." Several unpleasant physical symptoms are described, including nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Weed Before Drinking

A lot of study has been done on the effects of consuming alcohol before using marijuana, but not nearly as much on smoking marijuana beforehand. The few research that are now accessible are mostly inconclusive and go back many years.

Some studies, like this one from 1992, suggest that cannabis may lessen the body's absorption of alcohol, although these results are far from definitive. If marijuana did in fact reduce the absorption of alcohol, it would very likely postpone the sensation of being intoxicated. Although it may not seem like an issue, this makes it more difficult to comprehend how impaired you really are.

As an example, even though you feel good enough to drive, your blood alcohol level may be far higher than the legal limit.

On the other hand, others claim that using cannabis beforehand makes them feel more drunk than they really are. Of course, the benefit of this is that one may theoretically enjoy becoming drunk while suffering from fewer adverse health effects and a milder headache the next day. 

Differences Between Eating and Smoking Marijuana

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels in the digestive system, enabling THC to be absorbed more rapidly, which, according to Medical News Today, results in a higher impact when combined with marijuana edibles. Particularly when utilizing edibles, this may have an impact on how potent and long-lasting one's high is. THC from cannabis intake is transformed by our liver into 11-hydroxy-THC, which has a lot higher potency than THC through inhalation. Don't take it lightly; consuming alcohol while eating might have catastrophic consequences.

Final Thoughts

The interaction of alcohol and marijuana still raises many unresolved issues. There aren't many studies, and those that do exist are often outdated or ineffective. Therefore, use care if you want to consume alcohol together with your favorite cannabis items from Bud Depot Dispensary. To test your body's reaction, begin cautiously. And never forget how important it is to be aware of your limits. 

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