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Five Tips to Extend the Duration of Burnt Cannabis

Jan 25

The expertise necessary to roll a flawless joint is a form of artistic expression. Despite looks, smoking is not a harmless pastime, as any experienced smoker will tell you. Just as crucial as the appearance of a pre-rolled joint is how it burns.

For optimal results when employing joints, a gradual, continuous burn is necessary. It helps you get more out of your session, for starters, by extending it. Moreover, no cannabis is wasted in the process. This article will address methods for delaying the combustion of joints and reducing the amount of ash that accumulates in ashtrays.

1. Acquire Some Premium Flower

If the flower is subpar, you cannot roll a quality joint. To the degree that you can ignite improperly cured flowers, they will burn too slowly. If the buds are excessively dry, they will catch fire immediately. Buds should be obtained from a trustworthy dispensary, dried and cured, and then stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and heat.

2. Using a Grinder

Despite the preference of some to use a machine, some people still separate their flowers by hand. In a pinch, this method would work, but the resulting pieces would be uneven and difficult to light, leading to the possibility of a painful burn. Consequently, a substantial quantity of useless marijuana is created.

Buy a high-quality grinder for a more slow, uniform burn. Choose a grinder that can correctly and uniformly grind your desired flowers. The pieces cannot be very fine, but they should be little. It will be difficult to light the joint if you do not leave some space for air.

3. Selecting an Appropriate Paper

There is a vast variety of sizes and materials that can be used to manufacture rolling papers. As a general rule, thicker paper is better for burning speed. Try to select something elegant and tidy. Hemp paper produces a smooth, even burn that can aid in extending the life of your joint, but the choice ultimately boils down to individual taste.

4. Incorporate Cannabis Concentrate

If you wish your joint to be very potent, add some cannabis concentrate. "twaxing" refers to the practice of dropping or twisting concentrate into or onto a rolled joint. Not only does this decrease the pace of combustion, but it also offers an additional dose of cannabinoids.

5. Roll That Joint Closely

The rate at which a joint burns is proportional to its density. It is crucial to maintain constant airflow. Rapid burning caused by inefficiently packed joints wastes cannabis. The optimal joint will be packed tightly but not so tightly that air cannot pass through. Oftentimes, the only way to discover the ideal balance is to experiment with a variety of approaches.

For the best results, carefully fill your joint. Rub the two sides of your paper together to form a cone or log from your ground cannabis. Then, fold the ends in and roll it up.

A dab of honey on the end of your joint prior to lighting it can help alleviate the burning sensation.

Slow-Burning, Perfectly-Rolled Joints

When a joint burns slowly and uniformly, it provides the maximum pleasure. You will have more time in the chair, allowing you to relax and take it easy. In addition to there being no possibility of cannabis going to waste, there is no risk whatsoever. Consequently, you will have a much better experience.

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